We offer value added services to our customer by improving the production process i.e. forging the components instead of making from bars, which saves raw material. We also offer to make multiple components as single component thus avoiding the assembling process such as welding or brazing.


Copper, Brass, Aluminium Bronze, Tin Bronze, Stainless Steel, Steel and Aluminium

Casting Methods

Sand Casting: Weight 50 grams to 10 kgs
Centrifugal Casting: Tubes and Rings of various sizes
Lost Wax method: Weight 50 grams to 5 kgs

Services include Tool Design & Manufacturing. Forging Press capacities with forging weight ranging from 25 Gram up-to 9 Kg Stress Relieving Chamber with 350 Degree and storing capacity of 1 Meter x 0.5 Meter x 0.5 Meter. Annealing of forged parts (application based) 600 ° C with time and temperature graph


Face & Periphery Job Size (Ø 300 X 300 L)
Diameter (0.8 – 16mm)
Depth (50mm)
RPM max: 4500
Vertical: Job Size (500 X 400 X 300 H)
Diameter (0.8 – 16mm)
Depth (50mm)
RPM max: 10000


Face & Periphery: Job Size (Ø 300 X 300 L)
RPM max: 4500
Vertical: J ob Size (500 X 400 X 300 H)
RPM max: 10000


Job Size (Ø 500 X 1000 L)
RPM max: 6000

MicroVu Excel 501HC from USA with supporting software INSPEC assists us greatly in our inspection of complicated parts. The machine is fully programmable with a combination of both Star Probe and Vision Systems. Machine is capable to inspect with an accuracy level of 0.0004 mm.

Manual Assembly: Such as cable glands for rubbers and washers, nut bolt assemblies for terminals etc… Automated Assembly: Screw feeding with consistent torque measurement and monitoring and also with height specification is possible with machineries from Weber Schraubautomaten GmBh.

We offer blister packing with shrink pack plastics bags. Every component is packed with proper orientation inside small boxes properly labelled and further into cartons. Extreme care is taken to avoid finger.